Brian Clough, one of the more legendary English football managers, cheering on his palyers at the start of a new year

Brian Clough, one of the more legendary English football managers, cheering on his players at the start of a new year

Sporting Edge is a high performance consultancy which solves business challenges using the winning mindset from sport. Having worked with many of the world’s most high profile sports leaders and teams, Sporting Edge has created a unique video library which businesses are using to stay ahead of the game.

In this new partnership with HRreview Sporting Edge will be showcasing a selection of videos with some practical tools for deriving high performance in your business.

This week’s video insight comes from Dr Dorian Dugmore who is a world leader in cardiovascular medicine. Having worked in the field of wellness for over 30 years, Dorian now works closely with executives in high pressure roles and also the Premier League Football Managers. His message will help you to get set for success in 2016.

Inspiration to action

You probably know your business targets for 2016 but do you know your wellbeing numbers? Making good proactive choices is the key to sustaining your energy and wellbeing so take the time to think about the five or six choices which you make as habits through your day. For example preparing your kit and alarm for morning exercise or considering how your nutrition will fuel your energy levels through the day. Can you avoid chocolate cravings by staying hydrated and snacking? Will you choose healthy options after work around relationships, nutrition and sleep?

Setting yourself up for success like a corporate athlete will be critical to your success in 2016 so make a few strong commitments and surround yourself with people who will keep you focused in the months ahead.

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Jeremy Snape is the managing director of high performance consultancy Sporting Edge and a former England Cricketer (