Tai - Chi in the park, an option worth considering when aiming to improve wellbeing

Tai – Chi in the park, an option worth considering when aiming to improve wellbeing

While it is known that purposeful work can have a positive effect on a person’s health and wellbeing, it is also becoming increasingly clear that a healthy and engaged workforce can help to enhance the productivity of a business.

At Corporate Wellness & Events Ltd we offer a range of both physical activities such as Tai Chi, kick boxing and board-breaking as well as a number of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Therapies. NLP can be an extremely powerful intervention which can promote real and meaningful change in both individuals and organisations.  It contains the most accessible, positive and useful aspects of modern psychology, and so can be helpful in virtually every aspect of personal and inter-personal relations. The philosophies that exist within the martial arts such as self-discipline, respect, goal setting, confidence, and teamwork, are all skills and abilities that are much coveted by forward thinking organisations.   We have found that by combining the Mind and Body through innovative martial art based events and ongoing programmes that our clients have the opportunity to experience meaningful and long-lasting changes.

Improved Confidence

Adults who take part in martial arts will normally experience an improvement in their confidence and self-esteem, which can be transferred into their working lives and relationships. A more confident employee will be better at making decisions, at keeping cool under pressure, and at handling social interactions within the workplace. Not only will your employees feel the satisfaction of learning a new skill, they will also be able to feel themselves becoming stronger and healthier.  One of the best events we use to promote self-confidence and remove limiting beliefs is to perform a Board Break.  Our instructors will apply an NLP based belief model to the delegates whilst learning the correct technique required to perform a successful break.  Delegates may write on the wooden boards a particular challenge, phobia or stress-related activity and upon breaking the board, they are also metaphorically breaking their challenge.

Improved Health

Our Martial art training events will help to improve the health of your employees, meaning that they are less likely to experience fatigue and aches and pains, or to suffer from obesity-related illnesses and conditions. With 9.9 million days of work being lost in the UK in 2014/15, the primary benefit of a healthy workforce is that healthier employees are less likely to be absent from work. When your staff do become sick they are likely to recover with greater speed, and are less at risk of longer term illnesses. We offer two forms of martial art event Kickboxing or Tai Chi. Kickboxing is very popular with a younger age group, particularly sales teams looking for a high energy boost ahead of a meeting or event.  Tai Chi tends to be the most popular of all our martial art based events because there are little boundaries for involvement, even if standing is difficult for a period time, seated Tai Chi may be performed as well.  Our Tai Chi Routine involves a series of postures and movements linked to breathing and gives delegates the opportunity to learn coping strategies for stress and learning to calm the mind.


Self-discipline is at the core of the martial arts. Learning a martial art involves developing mental and physical discipline, meaning that your employees learn to concentrate, listen and control themselves and their feelings. A person who is disciplined is more likely to achieve goals and meet targets within the workplace.

Goal Setting

Martial arts encourages those that practice them to set themselves a target, before breaking the target down into smaller goals. The training requires hard work and commitment, but the satisfaction of reaching your personal goals alongside a growing self awareness and ability will help to boost the morale of your staff.


While encouraging healthy competition, our kick-boxing events also involve a great deal of team work between partners as they train together. Organisations depend upon their staff to co-operate every day on different projects. The collaborative nature of martial arts helps to teach people how to work together effectively. Martial arts training outside of the office provides the time and space needed for your staff to get to know each other, in a fun yet challenging environment.

At Corporate Wellness & Events Ltd, we have worked with a range of organisations, including the Metropolitan Police, Lloyds Banking Group, T-Mobile, GlaxoSmithKline, Exxon and Holiday Inn, to deliver our unique blend of martial arts-based Mind and Body team building exercises to help these organisations become more healthy and productive.

You can build minds, bodies and wellbeing in your organisation, with Corporate Wellness & Events Ltd so please contact us today on 0207 700 3906 or see our website www.CorpWellness.co.uk





Christopher Allen is a 4th Degree Black Belt Martial Arts Instructor who owns and operates Corporate Wellness & Events Ltd with his business partner Elizabeth Hough who is a Master Practitioner of NLP and Hypnosis.

Chris has taught Martial Arts to executives up and down the country at both large events and in small groups. His team also works with companies to implement events as part of Workplace Wellness Programmes and offers sessions on sales coaching and executive leadership; smoking cessation and phobia elimination; and corporate kickboxing and Tai Chi, to name but a few examples.

Chris will be speaking at Symposium's Health at Work Summit that will be held on the 12th of May at the Hilton Hotel in London's Canary Wharf. You can find out more here.