182-Color-256Still new-to-market and open to multiple misinterpretations, everyone knows what the video interview is. Or think they do. But perhaps it’s time to bust the myths and introduce you to a more efficient, more effective and more fun way of recruiting!  These are just some of the things we’ve heard recently as we seek to convert organisations to this time-saving, quality-enhancing candidate screening process. 

  1. “We prefer the personal touch”. Of course you do! But with many employers now receiving record-breaking applications for each vacancy, can you really extend this personal touch to every applicant? With automated video interviewing, ask the killer questions and screen your candidates quickly and effectively, so that you invest your face-to-face interview time only with those who really stand out.
  2. “Our candidates won’t like it”. That’s not our experience, or that of our competitors! In a recent survey of 1300 candidates, most responded positively and 65% were “excited” or “impressed” by their experience of video interviewing. Having the freedom to arrange the time and date of their interview was seen as the biggest benefit.
  3. “We recruit locally and our candidates don’t have a problem coming for a face-to-face interview”. No surprise in today’s competitive market!  But what do you do when you immediately realize that the candidate in front of you is completely unsuitable for the role?  Show them the door there and then?  Of course not!  You string out the conversation for another 25 minutes.  And how many times do you repeat this process?  The same goes with telephone interviewing. Instead, screen your candidates with an automated video interview and make sure you invest your valuable time meeting only the most-promising candidates.
  4. “We’re in a really difficult position now.  Budgets are almost on hold”.  We’ve heard this one too. But Video Recruit’s solution requires no upfront investment, no time-consuming software installation and our customers pay per interview on a sliding, volume-based scale. With estimates that automated video interviewing saves up to 70% of time in the early stages of the screening process, can you really afford NOT to be using it?
  5. “We already do video interviewing”. If by video interviewing, you mean SkypeTM interviews or asking your candidates to submit video CVs, then, yes, you are.  In a way. But why not take it to the next level?  Automated video interviewing allows your candidates to answer the questions you need answering at the time and place of their choosing.  No need to synchronise diaries.  No need for either party to incur the costs of travel. You get to review the interviews at a time and place that suits you and share the most promising candidates with colleagues to speed up internal decision-making.  So, are you really already doing video interviewing?

About the author

Eleanor Hammond is Communications Director for Video Recruit, an innovative, Prague-based technology firm offering automated online video interviewing to increase the speed and quality of recruitment.