Realising the Benefits of RPA in HR Use Cases - free UiPath whitepaper  download

Realising the Benefits of RPA in HR Use Cases – free UiPath whitepaper  download

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is finding strong uptake in Human Resources (HR) management. HR operations involve many repetitive, process-intensive workflows like employee onboarding, payroll, and time tracking. These have traditionally been manual in nature and as such, they are ideal for RPA.

This whitepaper by IT Central Station reviews the advantages of RPA in HR based on real user experiences with UiPath, as described on IT Central Station including payroll, travel, attendance, shared services and onboarding. It also looks at the qualities that an RPA solution needs to satisfy the requirements of process automation in HR and how it can benefit many aspects of the HR function by looking at driving efficiences, time saving, retaining staff and more.

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