Learn about Predictive Hiring from this free whitepaper - download here.

Learn about Predictive Hiring from this free whitepaper – download below.

Hiring and retaining the right people has always been a difficult, costly and risky process, and carrying this out in a world slowly recovering from a global pandemic is even harder.

Recruiting remotely and rapidly with confidence, onboarding and integrating new remote team members into established structures, whilst at the same time motivating and engaging existing staff as their roles evolve – these are major challenges for businesses of all sizes around the globe.

Traditional recruiting has relied heavily on face-to-face contact, allowing both parties to get a “gut feel” for each other. This has been brought to an abrupt halt by enforced remote working, and employers are having to conduct interviews over telephone or video call where it’s harder to really get under the skin of an interviewee. But this is here Predictive Hiring can be a powerful tool for recruiters.

Predictive hiring is designed to help businesses understand how a candidate would perform under certain conditions and in the job. With the correct measurements in place assessing aptitude, behaviour and personality traits, businesses have a better chance of hiring the right talent.

Being able to make better informed decisions with qualitative and quantitative data can only be a good thing. It helps remove recruitment bias, speeds up the hiring process and importantly, it helps improve the quality of the hire. Amongst many other benefits, these three key areas help in not only selecting the right candidate but also predicting better job performance.

This free whitepaper from Thomas International explores the world of predictive hiring and gives you a toolkit to implement it into your own recruitment strategies.

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