What makes 2,500 people across Europe go to work? Get the ADP report and find out!

Why do you go to work each day? The thought of spending the day with people you like and appreciate? The drive to continue growing and moving forward professionally? Or is it the promise of payday that keeps you coming back?

Our different motivations for work help make our workplaces the diverse, interesting places they are. But for HR and anyone involved with employee engagement, figuring out what makes people tick presents a complex challenge.

The ADP ‘People Unboxed’ report gathers data from 2,500 people across Europe. The results provide powerful insights into the ups and downs, inspirations and disappointments of our daily working lives.

The workplace engagement report will help you better understand:

  1. The reasons people go to work
  2. Causes of unhappiness
  3. Why not everyone that ‘throws a sickie’ is a flight risk
  4. The ideal work-life balance for today’s employees


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