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Workday commissioned Forrester Consulting to evaluate various approaches to performance management at medium and large enterprises (500 to 3,499 employees and 3,500 or more employees, respectively), and establish a path for organizations to become more effective by putting employees at the center.

To explore this topic, Forrester conducted an online survey of 600 respondents and five interviews with employee performance decision makers in 14 countries representing North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific.

They found that while most companies aspire to build performance management programs that drive both employee engagement and business value, few have optimized their approaches to align with these goals. However, the study found that companies that embrace continuous performance management drive better outcomes via coaching, goal management, and continuous results measurement.

In this global research study, learn how to transform the performance management process from an annual chore to a continuous value driver that better engages and retains employees.

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