Driving Business Success Through Employee Engagement - free whitepaper download

Driving Business Success Through Employee Engagement – free whitepaper download

Motivated and engaged workers take ownership of and deliver the organisation’s purpose. They have a deeper sense of pride in the work they deliver. Creating an engaged workforce will deliver personal rewards and benefits for the individual, but also rewards for the organisation in helping it to achieve its goals and strategic imperative.

No longer considered merely an intangible, immeasurable HR concept, ‘employee engagement’ is now widely accepted as a key driver of motivation, commitment and productivity in the workplace, and the link between an engaged workforce and business success is recognised across industries.

Yet according to data from Gallup’s State of the Global Workplace report, the UK is facing an engagement crisis. Just 11% of workers are ‘engaged’, with the rest either ‘not engaged’ (68%) or ‘actively disengaged’ (21%). High rates of disengagement have a huge impact on productivity for several reasons. Disengaged employees are more likely to make mistakes, get distracted at work, have a higher rate of sickness absence, and complete tasks to a lower standard than their engaged colleagues. All of this reduces outputs across the company, and ultimately impacts your bottom line.

This free whitepaper from PG takes a dive into the world of engagement: the data, the importance of engagement and how HR can drive business success through highly engaged employees.


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