Degreed-The Learning Leader's guide to thriving in an economic downturn

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It’s 2023, and speculation persists about how bad the economic downturn really is.

Economic volatility seems to be the new normal, and we just can’t shake it. The world of work is volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous.

To survive, recover and stay competitive, your organisation needs to be agile and resilient.

Indeed, developing your talent now can future-proof your organisation.
It can help you save money, slow the attrition bleed, make your company more agile and plug skill gaps for the future.

Learning investments make your organisation more sustainable in a volatile market, meaning you can come out ahead of your competitors when the economy stabilises.

This whitepaper will show you how investing in learning and development programs can put your organisation at a competitive advantage during the rocky months ahead and how to gain buy-in for that investment.



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