Majority of managers believe that their employees are not workaholics, they are just hard workers – that’s according to a snapshot poll carried out by CBSbutler.

In the poll, managers were questions on the ways the manage workaholics , 14% of managers said that they offer a work life balance that ensures staff take time out to relax, 12% claimed that they regularly examine employees’ workloads to ensure staff are not overloaded, and a further 12% stated that they give praise and recognition for working smarter and harder.

“According to a recent national survey there are more workaholics in the UK now than ever before,” says David Leyshon, Managing Director of CBSbutler. “The study also showed that in many cases employees are choosing work over their annual leave entitlement – at the end of last year approximately 12% of UK workers had over 10 days of holiday untaken.”

He continues: “It is extremely important for managers to recognise the difference between a member of staff who is working hard and putting in long hours, and one that is addicted to their work. Workaholics can suffer from stress and burn out, which can be detrimental to both the business and the employee. Ensuring employees have a work life balance is therefore paramount in this day and age if you want a happy, healthy and successful team. At CBSbutler for example, we want our staff to be motivated in every aspect of their lives, not stressed and run down. We know that being flexible, supportive and acknowledging the importance of a good work life balance are the first steps to a more content and enthusiastic workforce.”