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How to Get Top Marks in … Tackling Workplace Investigations (E-book)

£4.99 ex VAT

When workplace disputes arise, many managers shoot first and ask questions later (HR always have to deal with the ‘bodies’!) Needless to say, this is likely to seriously flaw the disciplinary process and put the final outcome in doubt. It is vitally important to collect and consider all the facts before taking any action.

Format: pdf

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When workplace disputes arise, many managers shoot first and ask questions later (HR always have to deal with the ‘bodies’!) Needless to say, this is likely to seriously flaw the disciplinary process and put the final outcome in doubt. It is vitally important to collect and consider all the facts before taking any action.

The fundamental purpose of a discipline or grievance investigation is to collect the facts. It’s no more difficult than that. But while a really rigorous investigation is essential to a well conducted process, many managers simply skate over the surface and either do not collect the relevant data or fail to take a sufficiently robust approach to data collection.

Readers will find out about the legal framework and learn how to identify and avoid the risks of unfair dismissal and unlawful discrimination claims during the investigation process. Kate takes her readers through the key skills needed to collect evidence and provides practical advice and exercises. This includes collecting data from witness, guidance on anonymous witness statements and the need to be objective and focus on facts. It’s important to properly plan and prepare for the investigation and the book also includes guidance on what to do if difficulties arise. As well as guiding the reader though the fact-finding process, Kate considers how to manage stress and employee absence in the context of an investigation and the role of the investigator at a formal disciplinary or grievance meeting.

With its case studies checklists and templates, HTGTMI…Tackling Workplace Investigations is the essential handbook for any manager who carries out investigations.

Download a free extract of: How to Get Top Marks in … Tackling Workplace Investigations


What have readers said?

Kate’s latest practical HR Headmistress’ Guide is well structured, providing an easy to use framework to undertaking workplace investigations supported by 11 tips and some 17 examples termed ‘learning from life’s lessons’. Be assured that this book will be of use to those new to this important management task and also to those with experience as a reminder of what needs to be done and how to achieve a professional, auditable and robust result.

Professor Simon Burtonshaw-Gunn PhD, MSc, MA Divisional Leader: Business, Leadership and HRM – Northampton Business School Visiting Professor, Salford Business School – University of Salford, Manchester.


All organisations have to undertake workplace investigations at some point, but just reading this book will give everyone a good insight into exactly what should be taking place and by whom. This book is crammed full of really helpful tips and is heaven sent for all levels, from novice to expert. It is a thoroughly enriching and inspirational read with very clear and easy to understand guidelines. I would certainly recommend this book as a ‘must have’ to all HR professionals.

Annette Bulger, HR & Corporate Services Manager, Brian Currie Milton Keynes Limited


Do you want to conduct an efficient and effective workplace investigation? Then read this book! Covering all aspects of an investigation, you will be provided with all the essential knowledge, plus there are top tips, checklists and examples of letters to assist you. No investigation should go ahead without it!

Jo Clarke, HR Professional


So much is written about correct disciplinary or grievance procedures that it’s surprising that the initial investigation, a crucial stage in the whole process, is so often only given cursory attention.

This book remedies this. It sets out the logical sequence to prepare for and conduct such investigations. I like its collaborative style and conversational, ‘non-preachy’ tone. The author obviously has first-hand experience of the concerns and trepidation often felt by managers faced with having to investigate an employee problem and can anticipate many of their questions. Chapter headings are clear so it’s also easy to ‘dip in’ and find the answer to a particular question.

The book is not overburdened by legal jargon – it’s a practical manual, giving straightforward advice to busy line managers. The working examples, the HR Headmistress tips and appendices all serve to support and illustrate this advice. It’s a book to keep close to hand, not filed away on the book shelf!

Myra Heffernan FCIPD, Consultant, HR2HR Solutions Ltd.


The book gives an excellent practical step-by-step guide on how to complete workplace investigations. It will be useful for those who have never been involved in workplace investigations to understand what needs to be done and lessons in what can go wrong if they are not completed correctly. The book also serves as a useful reminder to those who have completed investigations. The HR Headmistress tips were very helpful, as were the real work examples. The case law put the text into context–a good read.

Catherine Beattie, HR Manager, Dermal Laboratories


I have completed a workplace investigation myself and I wished I had read this book beforehand. I found it easy to understand. I like the way Kate guides us through each process giving tips and life’s lessons which would have made my own experience easier. This book gives you the step-by-step process needed to take on workplace investigations.

Lisa Brook, H Arundale Ltd


An easy to read, step-by-step guide to tackling workplace investigations? Check. Clearly and concisely written, without an ounce of waffle? Check. Useful references to relevant case law? Check. Handy and reassuring sample documentation? Check. An excellent reference tool for me and also my managers and directors? Check.

Amanda McDermott, HR Manager, Kings House Management (UK) Ltd

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