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Engineering Success

£7.97 ex VAT

The New Frontier of Leadership & Team Development. Inspiration & Lessons You Don’t Want to Learn The Hard Way

“ENGINEERING SUCCESS” is a short but essential read to boost the success of your organization, your project teams and even to increase the joy and flow of your personal life.

Format: pdf, Mobi

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The New Frontier of Leadership & Team Development. Inspiration & Lessons You Don’t Want to Learn The Hard Way

You, your team and your family is worthy of a better future.

“ENGINEERING SUCCESS” is a short but essential read to boost the success of your organization, your project teams and even to increase the joy and flow of your personal life. What invisible force drives us to make all the right decisions and still fail? Nobody can escape this latent force, it constantly affects you and everyone around you, your team members and your loved ones. Very few people in the world have learned how to recognize it, how to manage it and how to turn it around to work for them, rather than to automatically work against them. Once understood and properly managed, this powerful force will take you and your team to previously unattainable peaks of outstanding success. This force has been decoded and brilliantly explained by the very best minds at NASA and we reveal the solution for you in this ebook.

Download available in PDF and KINDLE (Mobi) Format


“The results achieved and feedback from some of the major players in the aerospace business confirm the added value when team building following Dragos’s guidelines. I recommend this book as one that should not just be read once and left on the library shelf. It should provide the basis for continual self-appraisal and guidance in order to maximize the benefits and successes for both to the reader and his/her colleagues.”

– Frank Chapman, Test Pilot for AIRBUS A380, AIRBUS A350

“As institutions become more complex and global there is increasing need to understand the human dynamic of social context. This is a timely book, an essential read”

– R. Gopalakrishnan, Director TATA Sons Ltd.

About the author:


Dragos Bratasanu is an internationally renowned award winning scientist and social risk management expert. 

He is the Founder & President of Success Engineering Corporation, company focused on providing cutting-edge sustainable solutions for enhancing personal and organizational success. Dragos is a worldwide official provider of NASA’s Social Risk Management & Leadership Program, offering international clients access to the same tools and techniques used by NASA in their highly complex projects.

Dragos holds a Ph.D in aerospace engineering from the University of Siegen in Germany and is a graduate of the Business & Management Department at the International Space University Space Studies Program 2012 hosted by Florida Institute of Technology and NASA Kennedy Space Center. For his research and scientific achievements Dragos received several international awards from entities like the European Space Agency ESA, European Union Satellite Center EUSC, DigitalGlobe Inc. USA, IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Society in Canada, International Society of Remote Sensing in Australia. He is member of several international research committees and invited peer reviewer for leading scientific journals and publications. Dragos is presently a National Geographic collaborator and the producer of The Amazing You. As a speaker, he’s been on stage on five continents – Europe, North America, Asia, Australia and Antarctica. Drawing from his experience as a space scientist, combined with state-of-the-art discoveries in leadership intelligence, Dragos bridges the languages of science and spirituality to support people discover their wonderful potential locked within their minds and hearts.

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