Occupational health professionals have welcomed the government’s review into the health of the working-age population.

The Faculty and Society of Occupational Medicine says the review will help people to get better access to occupational health services.

According to the authority, those at the highest risk of work-related problems do not have access to help.

The organisation states that too often people are not helped rapidly enough when they become sick and it can cause a downward spiral in both their professional and personal lives.

Dr Tony Stevens, president of the Society of Occupational Medicine, states: "The fact that for most people work is good for them has for a long time been overlooked."

He adds that the positive link between health and work should be emphasised.

The Working for a Healthier Tomorrow report from the government will mean electronic fit notes will be used in place of doctor’s sick notes.

Information on what work the employee is able to do will be outlined in a bid to reduce the number of people who are long-term sick.