Unwell bosses could be harming their companiesManagers who continue to come into the office while ill could be harming the well-being of small businesses, it has been asserted.

Gillian La Haye, alternative therapy expert, said that if a boss is feeling unwell or is in pain, the workplace is likely to suffer as employees will have a “miserable time”.

At worst, she warned that there may be no-one to lead them, should the manager be forced to take time off, which means time could be wasted, mistakes may be made and customers could end up receiving poor service.

“Every small business owner could do with their own coach to encourage them to work on work-life balance all the time – and […] to help them to understand the importance of work-life balance for their staff too – so that ultimately they will be more productive,” Ms La Haye advised.

Such comments may mean that hiring a HR professional could be worthwhile for small business owners as such an employee could focus on the well-being of the workforce.

Ms La Haye concluded that a happy team is likely to be more successful.

Her comments come after research by Abbey and Alliance & Leicester Business Banking found that one in four small business chiefs have missed, cancelled or put off a health appointment in the last year due to work commitments.