Work-related stress is widespread in the UK, leading to business underperformance nationwide, it has been said.

Mike Stevens, head of training at Praxis42, explained that stress in the workplace is a common and growing problem which needs to be addressed by British employers in order to improve productivity.

"Studies have shown that about one in five people find their work stressful and over half a million people say they have experienced work-related stress at a level they believe has actually made them ill," he highlighted.

"What’s just as worrying is this problem is not confined to any particular job function, industry sectors, high risk jobs or industries."

According to Health and Safety Executive (HSE) statistics, on average a case of stress-related ill health can lead to 29 working days of sick absence.

Figures from the HSE show that over 13.4 million days are lost every year in UK organisations due to stress, depression or anxiety.