Stress in the workplace is on the riseWorries over the recession and job losses has caused the number of people feeling under stress in the UK workplace to rise, a new study has revealed.

According to the latest findings from the Badenoch & Clark Employment Study, 91 per cent of employees have admitted to feeling stressed at work.

However, 71 per cent of those polled felt they were unable to share their concerns with their workplace management team, an issue which may need to be given additional priority on the HR agenda of businesses.

Of those who did voice their concerns about stress to management, seven per cent felt they were ignored, while just one in 20 were offered help.

Commenting on the findings, Neil Wilson, managing director of Badenoch & Clark, said: “By refusing to deal with such a crucial employee engagement issue, businesses are risking not only the health of their workers, but the quality of the work they deliver and the overall morale of their organisation.”

The Institute for Employment Studies recently suggested that solid HR practices could increase staff wellbeing, which may also result in feelings of stress being reduced.

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