Workers should stay cool this summerAs the Met Office warns that a heatwave is on its way, businesses have been advised to ensure they maintain a healthy workforce by keeping their employees cool.

Under the current Workplace (Health, Safety & Welfare) Regulations Act 1992, organisations have a duty to maintain a minimum workplace temperature of 16 degrees Celsius in order that people have a comfortable environment in which to work, according to insurance provider RSA.

It warns that should temperatures exceed 25 degrees Celsius then productivity could be negatively impacted, while staff are also more likely to have accidents.

Ian Houghton, business continuity manager at RSA, said: "Businesses should always aim to keep their employees happy and comfortable whilst at work and even more so during the credit crunch when companies need their staff working at their maximum productivity to survive."

He recommended organisations invest in air conditioning and blinds for the windows, while also encouraging employees to ensure they consume enough water.

The Trade Union Congress has also advised that staff should be able to alter their workplace attire during the summer, by loosening ties and leaving jackets at home.