Slow computers can contribute towards the stress and frustration experienced by workers, experts have warned.

According to Tim Fairs from The TechGuys and Clare Evans, a time management expert, employees have increasingly busy workloads and little time in which to complete tasks.

Therefore, the irritation of waiting for a PC to boot up or a file to download can cause considerable stress.

Ms Evans advised workers: "One of the key things is actually planning your time so that you’re not leaving things to the last minute when it gets even more frustrating that you’re waiting for a file to print before you dash out the door."

She went on to suggest that using the time that may be spent simply waiting for PCs to load up to do things like filing or making a cup of coffee can also reduce annoyance.

A survey released recently by The Techguys revealed the frustration caused by PC inefficiency has prompted one in five workers to hit their desk.