New research released today reveals a correlation between cycling to work and career progression. Research of over 2,500 cyclists and 100 employers finds those who commute by bike are more productive, more focussed and even felt that they were more likely to get promoted than their colleagues. Tens of thousands of cyclists are expected to reap the benefits today by taking part in the second annual Cycle to Work Day, run by Cyclescheme. 

Two thirds of employees who cycle to work say they’ve been more productive since taking up cycling, 64% have become more creative and 77% feel more focused in the office. Eight in ten have more energy and 82% are less stressed. These benefits have clearly impacted performance, leading to 15% even saying that they feel like they have a better chance at progressing in their career than colleagues because they cycle to work.

The findings are supported by employers, who not only agree that the pedal pushers in their workforce are more energetic (66%) and more productive (45%), but over half also say their cyclist workers take fewer sick days than their colleagues.

Two thirds agree that their workforce has improved since encouraging cycling to work and over one in ten employers even say they have retained staff more easily since encouraging cycling to work.

The results suggest that encouraging workplace cycling could save the UK economy £millions in productivity, staff retention and lost time taken as sick leave.

Charles Elvin CEO of the Institute of Leadership & Management, said: “This survey shows that people who cycle to work feel more alert, more productive and more energetic when they arrive at the office which is really great news for employers. Anything that makes your staff fitter and feel more motivated is a real win for managers so I hope that these results will encourage even more employers to introduce Cyclescheme and get their workforce moving.”

However, the benefits aren’t solely reserved for the office. The Cycle to Work Day research also reveals cycling can help with work life balance too. Almost nine in ten cyclists agree their daily commute helps them switch off from work, with over two thirds stating it puts them in a better mood for their family or partner in the evenings. Over a third even agree cycling home from work has improved their sex life!

Cycle to Work Day was established by Cyclescheme in 2013 to encourage cyclists of all abilities to give cycle commuting a try. This year, it takes place on 4th September with tens of thousands of people taking part. Hundreds of employers have signed up to encourage their staff with many offering a free breakfast to those who cycle to work.

Dame Sarah Storey, the UK’s most decorated Paralympian and Cycle to Work Day ambassador says: “Daily exercise is well known to give people a boost in energy which results in greater productivity and focus – so it makes sense that people who choose to cycle to work are rapidly climbing the career ladder because they are more active than the rest of the workforce. If you’re a bit nervous about rediscovering cycling, Cyclescheme is a great way to build your confidence – as well as giving you access to big discounts on bikes, accessories and stylish clothing.” 

James Borley,, says: “The UK is transforming into a nation of cyclists.  We know that this is fantastic news for our health and our wallets, but now we’ve found it’s great for our careers too! Plus, here is irrefutable proof that encouraging cycling could save the economy millions of pounds too. So whether you’re an individual or an employer, don’t be left behind, join the cycling movementthis autumn and discover the benefits for yourself.”