A winter scene by the American printmaker Rockwell Kent – many people find the festive period just too stressful

Do you believe in peace and goodwill and this most wonderful time of the year? Well good on you, you’re just, just about in the majority. Apparently quite a few of us don’t see Christmas as the most wonderful time of the year. In fact, according to new research, 42 percent  say December is one of the most stressful months of the year. Balancing work and family life and the rush to take holidays before the year apparently piles on the pressure, the new research from MetLife Employee Benefits shows.

The firms statistics shows the biggest cause of stress in December is balancing work and home life, which was identified by 38 percent of interviewees, while colleagues taking holidays was cited by 32 percent as a driver of stress.

With such high stress levels, the dreaded, or in the odd rare case, not so dreaded, Christmas party is not much consolation for many employees. 18 percent of those surveyed did not have a Christmas celebration at work, and for those that do, around two in five (37 percent) said they would not be going along. 41 percent of those who are not going say they prefer to keep their work and home life separate while 24 percent say the date clashes with family duties.





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