The British Safety Council will be launching Working Well, our first ever manifesto for workplace health and safety, at the House of Commons on 23 April.
Pivotal to our vision that no-one should be killed, injured or made ill through work activities, Working Well calls upon all of us in the UK and abroad to step up our understanding of risk and how to deal with it. We also outline how, as a membership organisation, we are going to do this and show how health and safety is good for business and the economy.

It is a fact that globally millions of working men and women are still afflicted by the consequences of badly managed health and safety. But law and enforcement alone, although important, is not enough: in a nutshell let us manage risk better not ban behaviour.
We address these points:

  •  Tackling the perception that health and safety is driving risk-aversion and a compensation culture.
  • Overcoming the complexity and bureaucracy that has grown up around the legal framework. We suggest how to cut through this and make health and safety good for business.
  • Making the relationship between the employer and worker count for good health and safety.
  • Sharing knowledge changes behaviour. Learn how the British Safety Council draws on its 60 years of experience to make this happen.
  • The Löfstedt Review recognised the problem of poorly-applied regulations. Find out how we can mange risks and not ban behaviour.