Health and safety is good for business, the HSE claimsUK organisations have been advised by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) that health and safety is good for business.

Indeed, a spokesperson for the group stated that there was a growing acceptance among companies that health and safety in the workplace was one of the most important responsibilities they had.

"Particularly at the top of organisations, business leaders are getting better at understanding the way that health and safety issues can be successfully addressed is by showing leadership themselves and involving workers in addressing the risks," he added.

The representative went on to note that by working with employees, managers had a better chance of identifying any potential risks in the workplace and ensuring their staff were safe.

Recent research by the HSE revealed that the number of people fatally injured while at work has fallen significantly over the past year.

However, the HSE urged that there was still more that businesses could do to drive the numbers down even further.