Health and safety ruling fines bread manufacturerThe importance of health and safety regulations has been highlighted by one expert after a specialist bread manufacturer was fined for failing to provide adequate measures for protecting its staff.

An incident at Hendon-based the Bread Factory saw a worker injured in a dough-mixing machine, which led to him needing his finger amputated.

Health and Safety Executive (HSE) inspector Anne Gloor said the accident “could easily have been avoided”.

Thambirasaiyah Roy from Edgware was using the machine at a company facility in the Garrick Road Industrial Estate in 2006.

Ms Gloor remarked: “There were clear failings on this occasion. Had a simple guard been fitted to this machine then Mr Roy would never have suffered these injuries.”

The firm was ordered to pay out £3,500 in compensation and £2,926 in costs by the City of London Magistrates Court.

Recently, HSE revealed a Hertfordshire enterprise was fined £2,000, with costs of £17,466, when an employee suffered head injuries after steel beams fell on his head.

By Ross George