Health and safety is improvingThe number of workers who were killed last year fell to 180, the lowest level on record, proving health and safety initiatives in the country’s places of work are succeeding, it has been claimed.

Commenting on the Health and Safety Executive’s statistics, the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) said that there were still dangers that needed to be addressed.

Nattasha Freeman, the president of IOSH, noted: "It shows that health and safety is not just mindless bureaucracy, brought in to make life difficult or prevent us enjoying our lives. It’s about preventing true tragedy that destroys lives."

She added that the work of health and safety departments was to ensure that there was a focus on preventing loss of life or injury, rather than requesting people wear goggles when using Blu-Tack.

Ms Freeman’s comments reference a recent survey by Teachers TV which revealed that children in one UK school had been told to put on protective eyewear before handling Blu-Tack.