Wellbeing Focus Week 2015A new survey, released to coincide with International Stress Awareness Day, reveals a terrifying picture about the state of young professionals’ mental health and capacity to cope today. It also provides stark warnings that without greater support in the workplace, and better awareness of daily strategies to reduce stress, many more people are heading towards burnout.

Commissioned by best-selling author, psychologist, mind and body expert, and nutritionist, Susan Scott, to coincide with the launch of her second book – How To Prevent Burnout (Filament Publishing) – the survey is entitled: ‘Stressed, Exhausted and Burning Out – should we really be treating our future talent like this?’

Key findings include:

  • Almost half (46%) of respondents had taken at least one day off work due to stress in the past two years. 16% admitted to taking six or more days off due to stress.
  • Almost one-third (39%) rated themselves at a level that suggests they believe they are burnt out or very close to it already.
  • The top three causes of stress (in order) are: work demands and pressures; money worries; health worries.
  • The top three signs of stress (in order) are: difficulty sleeping; irritable; lacking energy and feeling exhausted.
  • Sadly, 41% feel they get little or no support from their managers.

Susan Scott says of the survey results:

“If the high levels of time off due to stress is representative of Young Professionals generally, then it must be having a significant impact on workforce productivity. As we expect Young Professionals to be generally healthier than their older work colleagues, it does lead us to wonder what will happen as they age. Without support and help, will this situation simply get worse?”

Note on Terms Used

Young Professionals – 21 to 32 year olds for whom work is more than work. Their career defines the very essence of who they are. They’re in the early stages of their career, building a reputation based on their knowledge, skills, impact and influence.

Burnout – Burnout is a state of emotional, physical and mental exhaustion which leaves you feeling at rock bottom, alone and unable to cope.

Attitude – an attitude is your version of a situation based on what you think, believe and feel about something. It’s how you see yourself and world; it’s your mindset.