A new survey has suggested employees are so stressed and work-obsessed that over a quarter of them use their mobile or a laptop in bed.

The research by Credant Technologies found that of those people who work in the bedroom, 57 per cent of them do so for between two and six hours every week.

It was also revealed eight per cent of workers spend more time on their mobile in the evening than speaking to their partners.

Michael Callahan, vice president at Credant Technologies explains "This survey confirms that there is a growing population that is no longer restricted by working hours or confined to the office building itself.

"People are mobile and will work anywhere – even in bed."

Employees appear to be working harder during the recession because recent research from Expedia found only 60 per cent of Britons will take their full holiday entitlement this year.

Jonathan Cudworth, head of product marketing at Expedia, said holidays and time away from the office are important for a "happy and productive workplace".