Simple ways to relax during a small break can help to reduce workplace stress, an expert has suggested.

Corinne Sweet, psychologist, self-help author and agony aunt, claimed that some people believe they do not have enough time to relax while working, but said even a few minutes of rest can "go a long way".

The expert revealed there are several ways an employee can unwind and reduce their stress level, such as having a brisk walk and claimed this may be more effective than alternatives like drinking caffeine, eating chocolate or smoking.

Ms Sweet continued: "You can actually learn to meditate in five minutes. Very simple meditative techniques can help you just learn to settle down and calm down and it will also help you cope with life more."

Furthermore, she said many workers fail to achieve a full night’s sleep and claimed this contributes towards tiredness and stress the next day.

Bupa UK Health Insurance recently claimed women tend to be more stressed than men, with one in two linking the condition to their working lives in a survey.