Workers should take care not to miss lunch breaksHR teams may wish to keep an eye on the workforce to ensure that employees do not miss their lunch breaks, as this could have a negative impact on office productivity and motivation.

A recent survey by has revealed that the number of office-based employees booking holidays online while they are at work is on the increase.

Indeed, 64 per cent of Britons planning a break were found to have done so inside working hours – a rise of 11 per cent from one year ago.

Of the people taking such action, one third stated they did not feel guilty about going on the internet to check out holidays while they were supposed to be working as they missed their lunch breaks regularly.

However, not taking time away from the computer to have lunch could see employees feeling less productive in the afternoons.

A recent study by Quality of Work Life revealed it is Britons aged either under 25 or over 60 who are the most satisfied with their working lives, which could see them less likely to plan a holiday while at the office.