The use of office jargon is affecting the productivity of employees, according to research by an office space company.

Nearly three-quarters of Briton’s feel buzz words hinder the way they work, yet over half admit to using them every day, MWB Business Exchange says.

Employees at smaller companies are less likely to use jargon, with a quarter admitting to doing so compared to 98 per cent who work for larger corporations.

John Spencer, chief executive of MWB Business Exchange, said using jargon in the office has got completely out of hand.

"A lot of the time it comes down to laziness, as buzz words are used to save time instead of thinking about the most appropriate phrase," he added.

The comments ‘think outside the box’ and ‘in the loop’ are used by more than a third of employees but one on five finds the former the most annoying.

In recent news, it was revealed productivity in the workplace can be increased by allowing employees to have a massage on site.