Research published today by lawyers Slater and Gordon has provoked a strong reaction from the TUC

Following the publication of a report that revealed the extent of workplace bullying in the UK, the TUC have responded by issuing a statement calling on employers to take action.

Commenting on the research published today by lawyers Slater and Gordon, which reveals that one in five workers have witnessed others being bullied at work, TUC General Secretary Frances O’Grady said:

francis o'grady

Francis O’Grady stated today that “Employers who fail to tackle bullying will pay a price”

“Office bullies must be banished from the workplace. The stress and anxiety felt by victims can make them physically ill, lose all self-confidence and mean that they dread coming into work. No-one should be put in this position.

“Employers who fail to tackle bullying will pay a price too. Staff who are bullied are more likely to take more time off because of the stress caused by their harassment and will be less productive at work.

“Every organisation needs to have an anti-bullying policy, and every manager should ensure that there is zero-tolerance of bullying either by line managers or workmates.

“This research shows why people should join a union to ensure they are treated fairly at work.”