1. Communicate – communication is key to the success of any company, so end the year with a company round up, showing your team how much value they bring and informing them of any changes set for the New Year. Regardless of how big or small, the best way to end the year and boost morale is to show your appreciation for the year gone and look forward to 2014
  2. Invest in your team – rather than simply showing your gratitude with a Christmas bonus, why not invest in their training and career development? Demonstrating that you care in their personal development, by allocating a training budget, will be a gift that lasts beyond Christmas
  3. Avoid a stressful Christmas – the holidays are increasingly becoming a stressful time of year for employees, with deadlines looming, longer hours and the pressure of Christmas. Ineffectively managing staff stress can have a negative impact on productivity. Try to avoid high-pressure activities, tight deadlines and make-or-break meetings
  4. Don’t forget January – start thinking about the return to work in January, which is generally seen as the most uninspiring time of year. Make it less daunting by planning in advance and ensuring that your employees are ready for work in 2014. That way they can have a stress free Christmas knowing that everything is in place for the new year.
  5. The all-important Christmas party – social activities outside of work are great for team building and for improving working relationships. Make sure that everyone feels included, but have a plan in place to rescue those who may have had one too many drinks
  6. The winter flu – along with celebrations, Christmas also brings an increase in employee illness. A mixture of weather fluctuations, more time spent indoors and holiday stress can cause more people to take time off from work. Combat germs spreading in the office to avoid a mass amount of employees taking leave at the same time
  7. Avoid flammable Christmas decoration – we all like to fill our offices with holiday cheer, however be mindful not to accidently leave the Christmas tree lights on overnight to avoid the office going up in smoke
  8. The part-time Santa – some employees take extra Christmas jobs to handle expenses. If you have a moonlight policy, follow it consistently and be wary of how the impact of Christmas effects everyone’s pockets differently
  9. Show the human face of HR – the year-end is always a mixture of highs and lows. However by creating a balance with celebrations and work, you can avoid any HR Christmas mishaps

– Helen Ives, HR Director, PEER 1 Hosting