New research of over 1,000 people who work in big companies, commissioned by, reveals that 86% want to escape from their current job, which is double the number of those who want to leave their job in startups (43%).

“Office politics” (53%), “lack of recognition” (45%) and “lack of career progression and purpose” (37%) are three of the top reasons why people say they want to break free from corporate life.

In stark contrast, people surveyed working in startups cite “a creative and dynamic environment” (77%), “working for a company that gives you a sense of purpose” (53%) and “the chance to progress your career as the company grows” (52%) as three of the top perks of working in a startup.  65% of corporate workers say working for a startup would be their ‘dream job’.

Recognising the benefits of startups, 65% of corporate workers say working for a startup would be their ‘dream job’ and two thirds of workers surveyed said they’d move to a smaller startup if they had the opportunity.

Eiso Kant, Co-Founder and Managing Director of says: “This research shows that traditional corporates are losing the battle for talent.  What matters more to people now is a sense of purpose and being part of something, which is where startups do so well.”

Eric Huang, who made the switch from big media companies including Disney and Penguin after 20 years and is now Development Director at Made In Me, says: “The thing I love most about working in a startup is the freedom and the people. I feel much more in control and have no distant board dictating to us from a removed head office. In a startup the people are the most important thing, even more so than in a corporate – we all need to know and trust each other, there’s no time for politics because we can’t afford to waste time. I love the people I work with!”

Nearly a third of people working in startups surveyed say they are pleased they switched from working in a corporate. The top reason for switching was to be valued for what they had to offer rather than to fill a job description (34%) and over half of people working in startups (57%) say they’d never consider moving to a corporate company.