A government-backed study has recently revealed nearly seven out of ten temporary workers were satisfied with their salary at the start of 2008.

The report by the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (Rec) showed 68 per cent of more than 400 agency workers questioned were happy with their wages.

In addition, a third of those surveyed said they worked on temporary contracts because they were currently in education, while two-thirds said it was because they had been unemployed.

Kevin Green, chief executive of the Rec, said: "For those who have recently lost their jobs due to the economic downturn, it is crucial to get back into the world of work as quickly as possible, and temping is a key means of achieving this."

The study also showed 84 per cent of those surveyed were satisfied with their agency.

People who want job security in the current financial crisis should ensure they have up-to-date qualifications, the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants recently said.