Surveys could help with motivationEmployers and HR staff have been advised to use regular polls in order to determine the motivation levels of their workforce.

According to, employee surveys can help to determine motivation levels, mindsets and attitudes among a business’s workforce.

Furthermore, worker approval reviews can be employed to announce any of the desires staff wish to gain from their career, along with the advantages they see in their place of work.

“Every individual has distinct causes for working. But, we all work because we get certain things that we need from work. [This] influences morale, worker motivation and the value of life,” the group asserts.

HR teams may find that sending out email surveys to each member of their workforce is a quick and easy way of compiling data on how employers are getting on, the findings of which could then be put towards boosting workplace morale.

Rob Lovell, chief executive officer of ThinkGrid, recently claimed that flexible working was one option which could help to improve productivity and motivation.