A new report has suggested that workplace appraisals are a waste of time with more than one in three UK workers feeling that they do not contribute towards their personal career development at all.

Recruitment firm Badenoch and Clark said appraisals were in danger of becoming ‘tick box’ exercises that wasted time and failed to help employees, following their research.

While the survey of 1,000 office workers found that 37% of respondents believe appraisals are a waste of time, it also revealed that a third of employees dedicate one-day’s work a year to appraisals despite seeing it as a pointless exercise.

Nicola Linkleter, Managing Director of Badenoch & Clark said:

“Many organisations adopt a ‘once a year’ approach towards appraisals which means the process is scheduled and collation of employee feedback is often carried out through standardised forms or systems.

“There is nothing inherently wrong with this but to gain the full benefits of appraisals for both the organisation and the individual involved it is important that personal development and assessment doesn’t stop there.”

Commenting on the findings, Mark Hodgson Practice Leader of Talent Management at Right Management, said:

“A key concern is the role that appraisals can play in identifying talent. We know from our own work and recent research, that appraisals if conducted properly provide organisations with significant insights into the selection of high potentials for development.

“If the process is flawed, it could have a knock on effect for the effectiveness of development programmes, impacting future talent pipeline and succession.”