Paternity plans would aid staff retentionThe Fatherhood Institute has claimed, economic downturn or not, the proposed paternity leave plans should go ahead to help businesses keep their staff.

David Bartlett, deputy chief executive of organisation, has said there is a "strong argument" for bringing these changes in and adopting them into HR strategy and practice.

"What happens under the current regime is that you lose some of your best staff because they are not prepared to work under those conditions, or they just cannot make it add up," he said.

However, by giving dads the flexibility to arrange childcare businesses will be able "hold on to more people".

Mr Bartlett said this is good for both business and families.

His comments come after a government spokesperson announced a suspension of the proposed paternity leave plans.

If an employee’s average weekly earnings before tax are £95 or more, statutory paternity pay is remunerated for one or two consecutive weeks at £123.06 – or 90 per cent of their average weekly earnings if this is less.