Staff wellbeing is still important in the recessionHaving positive HR policies, the possibility of further training and good communication within a workplace can ensure the wellbeing of employees, new research has discovered.

The report by the Institute for Employment Studies revealed that in spite of the recession, staff wellbeing is well worth the investment.

In a survey carried out by the group, over half of respondents stated that wellbeing was more important to their business during the current economic climate.

Top priorities in this area were found to be increasing or improving line manager training, better absence management, improved communication with staff about health and wellbeing and more facilities for dealing with stress and mental health issues.

Commenting on the survey’s findings, Claire Tyers, associate director leading the Work, Health and Well-being research team at the Institute for Employment Studies, said: "Employers appear to have accepted that improving wellbeing has positive implications for staff efficiency and, ultimately, the profitability of their business."

The news comes after the Daily Mail reported figures revealed under the Freedom of Information Act show that last year, police officers took 225,000 days off work because of stress, an issue which may be solved with improved staff wellbeing.