Small companies in the UK can benefit from using VoIP as opposed to traditional telecoms services, according to one industry practitioner.

Vincent Potier, managing director of Vonage, stated that big telecoms firms can exploit businesses.

He went on to say that some organisations, even if they are aware of the cost savings using VoIP can incur, are reluctant to switch to the service due to personal uncertainty concerning the technology.

Mr Potier commented: "There are a lot of small businesses [which] have a fantastic opportunity to save costs but still don’t take that chance because they are afraid it won’t work."

The expert went on to describe this phenomenon as "weird", adding that it is this attitude which reinforces the "poor quality" that telecoms firms sometimes deliver.

According to research published earlier this year by T-Mobile, 42 per cent of small businesses think they pay too much for their mobile communications plan.