Pride and client service, rather than pay rises and bonuses, motivate more than half (52%) of UK employees to regularly go the extra mile at work, according to recent research from recruitment consultants, Adecco.

The drive to perform at their best was most evident amongst workers over 45, with 40% of respondents in the 45-54 and 55+ age brackets confirming they frequently perform beyond what is expected of them.

Over 50% of older members of staff listed client service, team work and self fulfilment as the forces behind their drive to exceed expectations. For younger workers in the process of building their careers, financial rewards registered as a consideration. However, in line with the overall trend and despite the challenging economic climate, more than 40% of these respondents gave a sense of self-worth as the key reason for going the extra mile.

The research also revealed:

  • employees’ sense of self pride was the most influential factor across all those surveyed, and was particularly notable amongst those aged 45 and over; and
  • tied to this, over a third of respondents in all but the most senior age category answered that recognition from their boss was influential.

According to Steven Kirkpatrick, Managing Director at Adecco:

“In a difficult marketplace it is vital that employees are willing to go above and beyond as they build their career, whether this is to ensure progression at a younger age or in support of clients and colleagues.

“The continued desire of older workers to go the extra mile at work shows a commitment to high standards that will stand anyone in good stead throughout their working life and suggests that the energy and passion that are so important remain in sound health as employees’ careers progress. These attitudes are a positive sign for the UK employment market and we stress to candidates that willingness to exceed expectations is an outstanding attribute.”