Recruitment firm ranks highly on Britain’s Top Employers list and declares intention to keep looking after its staff as a priority
Despite turbulent business conditions, leading companies still place importance of attracting and retaining key employees, according to Pertemps Network Group. The company finished in 32nd position on the Britain’s Top Employers list and attributes its highest ever placing on the list to the approach it takes in rewarding and motivating its staff.

Pertemps improved its ranking from last year’s placing at number 38 on the list. They received their prestigious award at a ceremony in Battersea Evolution in London. Employee centred initiatives such as the employee share options have been in operation for a number of years at Pertemps and were recently praised by Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg in reference to the model, which is also used by the department store group John Lewis.

Pertemps Network Group has 1040 members of staff at over 200 branches across the UK. At its heart is an ethos that reflects the family environment that the company was built on. Founded fifty years ago as a family business, the community feel has remained as the company grew. Tim Watts, the founder of Pertemps, gave away 25% of his holding to his employees in 1994. Now, this amount will increase as 40% of the company will be owned by staff.

Carmen Watson, Managing Director of Pertemps Network Group, said, “Top companies covet becoming the place for high calibre candidates and creating a positive working environment is an important part of that”.

“Finishing within the top third of Britain’s Top Employers is a huge achievement that recognises our efforts to allow our staff to share in the success of the company. Our staff are a valued asset and have played a key part in our rapid growth over the years.”

The company recently went through a management buyout to create a £425 million business by reuniting Pertemps with a former subsidiary, Network Holdings. It will capitalise on its rich heritage and various opportunities within the recruitment sector to further expand.

Carmen continued, “A successful company is one where the vision and values of the business permeate right throughout the organisation. Our goals for the future are ambitious and represent a wonderful future for our staff to enjoy further personal development and career opportunities. Although we plan to expand and become a much larger entity over the next five years, we still wish to keep our ‘small company’ mentality in the way we support our staff. It’s the ethos our company was built on and will help drive Pertemps forward.”