Older employees are more adaptable to change than their younger counterparts, according to new research from the people assessment firm Talent Q.

Its study found that while younger workers claim to possess better communication skills than those older than them, they are actually less responsive to the changing workplace.

They were also found to be less organised, less confident about decision-making, less resilient and less influential in leadership roles than older employees.

In addition, the study revealed that so-called baby boomers are more organised and better able to plan their workload than younger generations.

"The days where a person has a job for life are long gone, so it’s perverse that the Generation Y psyche appears to show less adaptability, efficiency and dynamism than older generations," said Roger Holdsworth, chairman of Talent Q.

However, younger workers were found to be more ambitious and socially confident than their older counterparts, a discovery Mr Holdsworth put down to older workers "easing down" as they approach retirement.

According to the mobile media company 3 UK, younger workers are introducing new technology to the workplace, which is helping to boost productivity and save money.