Many recent Brexit polls show a close and tightening race

Many recent Brexit polls show a tightening race

Yesterday Boris Johnson sung the Ode to Joy in German at a press conference and now all the Remain camp’s cards have started to come tumbling down….well not quite, but thing are starting to look a little shaky.

In a new poll from the British Chambers of Commerce, 54.1 percent of 2,200 surveyed members said that they would vote in favour of Britain remaining as a member of the European Union. 37 percent said that they would vote to leave.


This suggests a tightening of the EU race within the business community, with Remain falling seven points from 60 percent in February. Support for Brexit has, on the hand, jumped seven points from thirty percent. The business community had been thought to be reliably anti-Brexit.

If Britain was to exit the European Union it would mean that many worker’s rights currently enshrined in European Law, would have to be replaced by UK legislation, something that could take time. Brexit would also make the job of Global Mobility professionals much more difficult when it comes to dealing with immigration law.

Changing minds

Nearly nine in ten of those questioned said they are unlikely to change their mind before the 23 June vote, suggesting that the race is starting to solidify, with just over a month to go before the big vote.

The survey also found the majority of those surveyed reported no impact to date on their business as a result of the ongoing referendum campaign.

If the UK were to vote to leave the EU, 35.9 percent said they would expect this to have a negative effect on their overall growth strategy, the survey found. This is somewhat down from the last time the question was asked when 39 percent said that it would. Some 36.3 percent said it would have no impact and 15.9 percent said the impact would be positive.





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