The culture of long-hours working or so-called "presenteeism" in the UK does not necessarily result in increased productivity, according to new research.

Figures produced by Right Corecare suggest that 40 per cent of employees stay in work longer than is necessary, with a quarter of those who stay late using the time to surf the web and a sixth admitting they remain at their desks to impress the boss.

It was also found that, while 15 per cent of staff members believe that putting in extra hours will aid their careers, only eight per cent have received a promotion or pay increase as a result.

"Given the current climate, organisations should be on the lookout for presenteeism creeping into their offices and take the same proactive approach as they do for absenteeism, as the costs can be equally high," stated Adrienne Heeley, director of work-life services at Right Corecare.

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