A lack of knowledge concerning computing and information and communications technologies (ICT) can hold workers back and act as a barrier to employment, it has been suggested.

According to Jon Gamble, director for adults and lifelong learning at the Learning and Skills Council (LSC) and Abigail Stevens, communications manager for UK Online Centres, many employers seek computing skills in job candidates and much of the recruitment process takes place online.

They stated: "A lack of basic computing skills and access to ICT can be a barrier to employment for a number of reasons, not least because more than 80 per cent of jobs now require ICT skills, but also because many employment opportunities are only available via the web."

The experts went on to say that people who are "digitally excluded" are also more likely to have lower qualifications, which is an additional hindrance in terms of finding employment and progressing in a career.

Established in 2001, the LSC aims to improve the skills of young people and adults in the UK.