Flexible shifts good HR strategy for World Cup, says UK food manufacturerWith the FIFA World Cup nearing, many employers may be worried about the potential loss of money with people taking time off work to watch the football.

Research from cereal maker Kellogg’s revealed that only one in 20 UK workers is planning to book time off work during the tournament, which runs from June 11th to July 11th, but one in five employees is planning to skip work during the month-long event.

While Louise Davies, the company’s communication’s manager, admits not every business can adapt, others that can provide flexible shift patterns or allow staff to catch up work from home may find that their workforce is willing to be more committed to the job and is "likely to stick with them".

According to research by Kellogg’s, as many as 15 per cent of the working population are planning to pull a ‘sickie’ during the tournament – a point that may interest those responsible for HR strategy and practice.

By Colette Paxton