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Autumn 2015 marks the end of childcare vouchers in the UK – a move which will affect millions of people and thousands of companies. What exactly are the changes though? How will it affect your company and employees? What should employers do to prepare?

The first InsideHR webinar will bring together a panel of HR experts to discuss approaches to the new changes, producing actionable insights for you and your team.

The debate is on 26 March @ 11am.

Our panel for the debate will be:

  • James Marsh – HR Consultant, Symposium
  • Ben Black – MD, My Family Care
  • Gareth Ashley Jones – Benefits consultant, AJ Consultancy
  • TBC – care-4

As always, we’re keen to hear what you’d like to ask our panel, and also what you’d like to see discussed in future webinars.

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The InsideHR childcare vouchers webinar comes to you in association with My Family Care and is sponsored by care-4.





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