The Forum of Private Business (FPB) has announced it is to help small firms to comply with their environmental responsibilities.

According to the organisation, many such companies want to reduce their carbon footprint but find tax a disincentive.

For example, smaller business can struggle to cover the costs of recycling because of the extra expense of producer pre-treatment rules, which mean they have to treat waste before it is taken to landfill sites.

"Adopting a purely fire-fighting strategy when it comes to managing your environmental burden can leave companies feeling out of pocket," said the FPB’s environmental adviser Miranda Allan,

She added: "I would instead encourage firms of any size to try to reap the financial rewards available to those who take a more proactive stance."

In order to help companies comply with their environmental responsibilities in a manageable way, the FPB has teamed up with purchasing support website

Through the initiative, the FSB – which campaigns for the fair treatment of private businesses – aims to make it easier for firms to find ‘green’ suppliers.