The changes occurring in the modern workplace are being driven by female employees who are demanding more flexibility and better work-life balances.

This is the view of Maureen Rice, editor of Psychologies Magazine, who claims workers could have "a bit of everything" in the future as employers adapt to changing needs.

"Everybody has invested in having happy families and taking care of older people and we can’t have these things if everybody’s at work from seven in the morning until eight at night," she remarked.

And she insisted that regardless of whether or not they have children, men too would like to be more flexible in the way that they work as "everyone has relationships".

Derek Draper, a psychologist and contributor to Psychologies Magazine, agreed that women are taking the lead on workplace flexibility, having reached a position of equality with men.

A survey carried out by the publication revealed that 65 per cent of women want a job that suits their lifestyle and 60 per cent wish they had more time to spend with their family.