Workers should be shown signs of appeciationOffering ways for employees to relax after working hard in the office can be one of the best means for businesses to raise staff wellbeing and productivity, it has been claimed.

Andrew Hodgkins, acting managing director at Keith Prowse, said a side effect of the office culture can be that workers get run down and one of the best pick-me-ups that firms can offer can be complementary meals to fine dining restaurants, tickets to sporting events or non-monetary perks.

He commented: "As well as reducing stress, entertaining at top sports events can be a fitting reward as part of an internal incentive scheme, increasing staff motivation."

According to research carried out by the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work, four out of five European managers are concerned about stress in the workplace.

Indeed, the report claimed that concern about psychosocial risks such as stress, violence and harassment is increasing in European organisations.