Could engagement help boost productivity?Organisations need to achieve optimal performance levels to survive the current economic downturn, as these will be able to adapt the best to changing market conditions, a new report into HR claims.

The report by Chiumento states that managing to increase the output of people, rather than costs, is a skill which can make a company agile, however, engagement needs to be bolstered to achieve such a goal.

Despite this, there is an increasing number of ‘corporate prisoners’ who stay working within an organisation but are never fully engaged. As such, when personal aspirations fall out of sync with those of an employer, performance becomes limited, the firm asserts.

“The truth is that corporate prisoners are often hard to spot. Their true level of engagement is low – but they don’t often make any public show of disloyalty or dissent,” the report notes.

At the end of August, the Incomes Data Services stated that the median rise in pay for UK workers stood at one per cent, which could hinder their enthusiasm for their job.